Clinical Workflows.

MedGEO is reconnecting healthcare providers with patients through clinician driven and clinician developed state of the art digital technology.
The Problem

Medical professionals are increasingly burdened by layers of administrative work.

Modern hospital hallways are crowded with COWs (Computers on Wheels) piled with hardware and draped with wires, representing a patchwork of systems that often fail to communicate with one another. Staff are more likely to interact with computers than patients and clinicians are more likely to transcribe data than provide care.

The current healthcare system is inundated with inefficiency and redundancy which contributes to rising costs coupled with staff, clinician and patient dissatisfaction.


The causes of physician burnout are complex, but have to do in part with increasing workload, constant time pressures, chaotic work environments, declining pay, endless and unproductive bureaucratic tasks required by health insurance companies that don’t mprove patient care, and increasingly feeling like cogs in large, anonymous systems.
Harvard Health Publishing.
of the working day is spent on administrative duties according to one study
Ultimately, these higher costs are passed on to the average American family.
Our Solution

The MedGEO Platform

MedGEO streamlines the workflows for millions of clinicians, including allied health professionals, healthcare administrators, Pharma, and the medical asset industry.

MedGEO's software platform eases the burden on healthcare professionals by optimizing time consuming and costly administrative tasks and integrating with hospital systems.

MedGEO converts these time consuming processes into immediate and actionable digital workflows that are interoperable and secure.

  • SAAS platform
  • Intuitive easy-to-use interfaces
  • Seamless connection to hospital systems
  • Customizable Dashboard and Analytics
  • SOC2 Certification, HIPAA Compliant
  • Compliant with FDA directives
Physicians and nurses can now focus on patient-care.

Our Vision

Our vision at MeGEO is to create an ecosystem of mission aligned product offerings with the latest in next generation technology that will reshape, reduce disparity, lower cost for all stakeholders, and produce better outcomes globally.

  • Access all relevant patient data from one intuitive platform
  • Assimilate discontiguous applications and software into one system
  • Optimize workflows, build capacity, and ensure accountability

Who We Are

MedGeo is a HealthTech startup developing software driven applications for clinicians, industry and healthcare administrators, with the aim to streamline workflows across multiple point of contacts, to provide better and secure patient care, while consolidating real time actionable data.

Founded on the knowledge of renowned global health, surgical and medical experts, MedGeo is a company rooted in decades of front-line work and perspective in health care systems in over 100 countries.

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